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Established in May 1989, Trend Tile is an importer and distributor of fine ceramic wall and floor tiles. Importing predominantly from Italy and Spain, Trend Tile is also the largest distributor of Australian made product in NSW and the second largest in Australia. Focusing solely on ceramic and porcelain tiles, our product range also extends to glass and marble mosaics, including exclusive designs of mosaics specifically developed in-house.

Whilst it may seem relatively straightforward to establish a distribution company by importing the odd container or two, the right formula must be identified, put into practice and maintained for any such organization to exist and flourish – particularly in the Australian market.

At Trend Tile, we feel we have reached the point of maintaining our already winning formula for the markets we service.

Our choice of being wholesale-only allows us to focus on what we do best:

i) product selection and distribution, and
ii) support retail stores so they feel they are in a partnership with their supplier rather than in competition.

This is relatively important when retail stores specify products not only for the commercial sector but also for the residential market.

Image Trend Tile is wholesale only. We sell only to retail stores. We do not sell to builders, architects, designers or any other members of the public regardless of the tempting large quantities which are used to persuade our better judgement.

Trend Tile is well known for its risk taking and innovative product selection. Whilst the Australian market has been well known for being colour conservative and price conscience, we at Trend Tile continue to make our mark by filling the niches for the unusual in design and stocking the latest innovative material for the tile industry.

Trend Tile began as a family business and the family manage¬ment team is one that has grown with the company with exten¬sive experience on which to draw upon. Today, Trend Tile is a committed team of twenty employees varying in ages, cultures and experience.

Trend Tile maintains its exclusivity agreements with all suppliers. This enables us to operate within one or multiple regions know¬ing we are the only distributor of that product. This ensures products will have an optimal life span, decreasing the potential for a price war and decline of a product.

Trend Tile has been operating from new premises since September 2008 in the newly created M7 Business Hub. The M7 Wallgrove Road exit is less than 2km from our door. Our location means we are well placed in a fast-paced and active area with neighbours such as Coca Cola, Coles Myer and LG.

Our new purposely built premises means a larger warehouse that houses the highest racking system for tiles in Australia. A larger premise also allows for better organization and the ability to stock larger quantities for new and fast moving items, and a larger showroom enables multiple clients to be serviced at any one time and the additional advantage of displaying a larger product range.

Open by appointment only, our showroom allows retail stores to use it as an extension of their own showroom to visit with clients.

We look forward to showcasing you our latest innovative collection. Enjoy!

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